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There is An Easy & Fast Way to Sell Your Baton Rouge, LA House!

There has never been a simpler, more straightforward way to do it. Find out what listing vs. a direct offer will mean for your situation. Our experienced team will provide information so you can make the decision that is right for you.

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Call (504) 500-5608 today and speak to someone truly wanting to solve your real estate problems!
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Interested in selling your house? We are a team of local real estate professionals with a dedication to helping residents of the Baton Rouge area sell their properties. We offer a simple and hassle-free process, and we can help you with almost any kind of property. There is never any obligation or hassle. However you choose to sell, we want to make sure you have the knowledge and resources needed to make the right decision. Listing with a real estate agent is not the only way to go.

Find out more by giving us a call now! (504) 500-5608 

If you are looking for a great price and a fast closing, you’ve come to the right place! We will make you an offer within 24 hours of you contacting us! You can free yourself from a burdensome home now! 

Your hassles and headaches can finally end. We are direct buyers. No agents. No commissions.  No more repairs. No more bills. When you deal with us, you are free from the burden of waiting or shelling out a ton of money to get the house ready for the MLS.  We are ready to help you with any situation:

  • Dealing with foreclosure? We can stop the banks and save your credit!
  • Getting divorced? We can help with a quick and painless sale.
  • Need to upgrade or downsize? We can close fast, so you can move into a new home.
  • Are you tired of paying taxes on a vacant house? 
  • Tired of trying to find tenants you can trust?
  • Have you received an unwanted inheritance? You don’t have to sink money into it in order to sell.

We have gone the extra mile with each homeowner we have worked with to ensure the smoothest transaction possible. From all over the state, homeowners have come to us to buy their properties and we offer nothing but the best.

Find Out What Louisiana Direct Home Buyers Can Do For You! 

You might be surprised just how great a direct offer can be. Think of all the money you will keep in your pocket:

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From the Louisiana State Capitol to the suburbs, we want to talk to you about your house!
  • No commissions
  • No agent fees
  • No closing costs
  • No listing fees
  • No repair costs – Sell AS-IS
  • No staging or upgrade costs
  • No cleaning fees
  • No chance of the sale falling through

No paying taxes, insurance, and utilities while you wait for the house to sell

There are absolutely no fees to work with us. We understand that moving can be stressful, so the last thing we want to do is stress you further. We are very upfront about our offers and the amount you will be paid. We will never deduct a dime!

We only need a small amount of information from you to get started with the sale process. The property address and the timeframe you wish to sell in are essential to get us going. We will discuss the details of your property so that we fully understand the home. Feel free to ask us anything at any time.

Get an offer in 24 hours! And close fast! Learn more about our process here →

We want to help LA residents get away from a burdensome home. Our offers are always honest and fair. 

If you would rather discuss your property directly, grab your cell and give us a call!

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Let us lighten your load and take the burden of your problems off your hands. Call Louisiana Direct Home Buyers TODAY! (504) 500-5608
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Louisiana Direct Home Buyers would like to make a direct, all-cash offer on your Baton Rouge home. Find out now how we can help you! There is never any hassle, risk or obligation! Get relief now.

In selling your house, do you feel like you’re on a roller coaster with no color? Call us today for some relief!

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