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U.S. Direct Home Buyers is a family-owned real estate solutions company with national resources. Our focus is creating solutions for homeowners like you—whether you’re going through foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or need to sell your house for any reason. Our goal is to provide the most positive selling experience possible for our clients. There is no problem we haven’t seen, and with our experienced network across the country, no problem is too big. To learn more about us, how we work, or how we can help, contact us anytime!

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Sydney Sparks is Acquisitions Manager for U.S. Direct Home Buyers. With 10 years’ experience in Real Estate Acquisitions, Sydney understands that at the core of every successful real estate transaction is an understanding of the customers’ needs. She has a history of conducting business with integrity in a professional manner. Sydney has successfully facilitated hundreds of real estate transactions. Her true passion is providing solutions for homeowners, turning their burden into win-win scenarios. Her hard work and creativity, along with her commitment to doing the right thing no matter what, have enabled her to build a strong network of colleagues enabling her to solve just about any real estate problem. Sydney genuinely desires so make every person that sells their home a “customer for life.”

Ray Sasser Head Shot Sue Yarborough is an Acquisitions Advisor for U.S. Direct Home Buyers. She has almost twenty years’ experience in real estate investing and has developed exceptional skills in seller negotiations and solving real estate and financial problems. She has also specialized in the probate process. Being raised in a community banking family, Sue understands the problems faced by homeowners needing to sell their houses fast and the financing necessary to make cash purchases happen for our clients. With a degree in Sociology, over 15 years of management and sales experience on her Champion producing Arabian Horse ranch, and certification as a Life Coach, she has a deep understanding of how to determine the needs of property buyers and sellers while maintaining empathy for their unique situations. Whether it’s horses or houses, negotiating win-win solutions is what motivates Sue, and makes U.S. Direct Home Buyers the company to call when you need to sell your house fast.

Ray Sasser Head Shot

Donovan Lucio is an Acquisition Specialist for U.S. Direct Home Buyers. In a span of merely 5 years, Donovan has gained a wide variety of real estate experiences that includes wholesaling, flipping, and notes buying. He has also worked closely with title agents to cure vesting issues and is known for his professionalism and skills in processing complex transactions. His wide range of experience enables him to better offer creative solutions to real estate problems. His remarkable personal skills put clients at ease when sometimes facing major financial problems. Donovan understands the sensitive nature of surrounding all transactions and works to protect the interests of all clients.

Cherita Andrews Head Shot Cherita Andrews is the Client Experience Officer (CXO) for U.S. Direct Home Buyers. Her wide range of life experiences include a ride on the corporate ladder with Fortune 500 companies (before setting aside career aspirations for some time to raise a family), participation in Season 9 of the reality TV show NBC’s Biggest Loser, being a breast cancer survivor, and developing marketing programs for several successful companies (including Richard’s previous civil engineering firm, Aguirre & Fields). Cherita is a strong believer that character in the workplace is essential to achieve true success and demands the highest ethical and moral conduct from everyone in an organization from the top position down to the lowest. Cherita is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BA in Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing.

Christian Hauser Head Shot Christian Hauser serves as our Chief Technology Officer. A graduate of Rice University in Classical Studies with Computer Science, Christian has built and implemented a number of IT systems and is responsible for the automated back-office systems supporting the staff at U.S. Direct Home Buyers. Relatively new to real estate investing, Christian has applied his education to systemize, categorize, and implement the daily processes we use in a way that is user-friendly and effective for our clients. Christian has not only devised systems allowing us to obtain the best data, but also to manage the data and communication pipeline so that we can respond to your needs according to your schedule.

Richard Fields Head Shot Richard Fields is the founder CEO of U.S. Direct Home Buyers. He and his wife, Becky, started buying and flipping houses shortly after leaving the firm in 2014 and learned that they loved helping people solve their real estate problems. Richard took his experience from flipping homes and created the vision that is U.S. Direct Home Buyers by helping real estate investors connect with motivated homeowners. Richard has a BS in Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and was previously the owner/partner of a civil engineering company. He is very much “hands-on” in every aspect of the company but also oversees all strategic plans, policies, and processes that help our company function and grow. Richard spending much of his free time with his 9 grandchildren.

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