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US Direct Home Buyers buys houses all over the country and especially in Texas. Don’t wait – call today! (832) 990-9707 (Photo credit)

Do You Have a House You Need to Sell in Dallas?

US Direct Home Buyers is in the business of buying houses in and around Dallas. No matter what condition your house is in or what your situation is, we’ll gladly help. If you need a quick cash sale, call us at (832) 990-9707.  

Are you planning on selling your house in Dallas? Family-owned US Direct Home Buyers may be just what you need. We are direct buyers who pay all cash for a quick sale so sellers can avoid the headaches of going the traditional route. Why wait for months on end for a Realtor to find you a buyer who can qualify for a loan AND close on the deal? And, this would be after you’ve made the required repairs and paid the fees and costs. An all cash offer from US Direct Home Buyers would require you to make no repairs and pay no commissions or closing costs. Best of all, we can close as soon as you wish. From the very beginning, you’ll know how much cash you’ll be pocketing and when it will be in your account. We believe in transparency so you can count on us to answer all your questions and address your concerns every step of the way.

Are You in a Hurry to Sell Your House in Dallas? Call us today at (832) 990-9707.

US Direct Home Buyers buys big houses, little houses, ugly houses, pretty houses.
We buy pretty houses too! Call (832) 990-9707
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As seasoned real estate investors in Dallas, we know that homeowners can have any number of reasons for selling their houses. In the years we’ve been in business we’ve helped people avoid foreclosure, simplify their divorce, deal with bank and tax liens, and relieved heirs of unwanted properties they inherited. No matter what your situation is, we are in a position to help. When working with US Direct Home Buyers, you sell your house directly to us AS-IS, which means you will not have to make any costly upgrades or repairs, pay a Realtor commission, or pay any fees.

All we need from you is some basic information on your property and your particular situation. We will then check out the market in your neighborhood and figure out how to be of help. Most people have three options when it comes to selling their house: sell to an all-cash buyer like US Direct Home Buyers, find a Realtor to list your house with, or repair, landscape, and paint your house before trying to sell it yourself.

If all you need is real estate advice regarding your particular situation, our team of real estate professionals can certainly help you out there as well. After all these years in business, we have many reliable real estate brokers and agents, direct money lenders, other all-cash buyers, banks, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and title officers that we can call on to help. With all these people at our disposal, there are very few real estate problems that we can’t help you solve. We offer our services free of charge and you are under no obligation to either accept our all-cash offer or our advice.

Aside from offering our services free of charge, we offer the following:

  • We can close within 7 days, or whenever you wish. You’re in charge!
  • We will come up with a personalized solution to your particular situation.
  • You will not have to put up with open houses, broker previews, showings, or strangers going through your house all the time.
  • No waiting for a buyer and then waiting to see if they can get a loan. We will buy directly from you and pay in all cash.
  • When we make an offer, you will know the exact amount you’ll get and when you’ll get it.
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We Buy Houses Dallas. Fill out the form or call us today! (832) 990-9707

Cash for houses!

Phone us at (832) 990-9707 or Complete the Short Form Below

Find Out How Much US Direct Home Buyers Will Offer on Your House!

Our process is not only the easiest way to go, it’s also stress-free and fast. Forget waiting month after month hoping your house will sell. We are ready, willing, and able to make an all-cash offer on your house today. This saves you not only time and money, but the anxiety and uncertainty that goes with selling your house the traditional way. By quickly selling directly to US Direct Home Buyers, you immediately no longer have to pay property taxes, mortgage payments, homeowner’s insurance, and more. Homeowners who are in no hurry may be fine listing their house with a Realtor. But for others, accepting an all-cash offer from a direct buyer makes the most sense. Once you contact us, we can help you evaluate all your options. We want to help you come out ahead by making the wisest decision in your circumstances – even if it means not selling to us.

We will always level with you about your options in selling your house.

If your best option is to sell to US Direct Home Buyers, we are in a position to close as quickly as necessary so that you have the cash you need when you need it. We’ll take it from there so you can put your problems behind you and move forward. There will be no delays, no middlemen wanting a commission, and no fees. We will buy your house AS IS, whatever condition it’s in. If you aren’t sure whether you want to work with a direct all-cash buyer, give us a call today. We are here to answer all your questions. You’ll be surprised by how creative we can be in coming up with solutions. We’ve stayed in business this long by thinking outside the box, so whatever you’re dealing with, we’ve likely been there before. We just need a few basic details to begin with. If your situation is stressing you out, just give us a call today or complete the form below!

Need to Sell Your House Fast in Dallas? Call Us Today at (832) 990-9707

In a Hurry to Sell Your House in Dallas? Call us Now at (832) 990-9707.

Why nоt get іn tоuсh wіth us? Call us tоdау!

You are charged absolutely nothing to work with us. We understand that moving can be stressful, so the last thing we want to do is stress you further. You will know exactly how much you will get for your house and when.

We just need some basic information to get started. Fill out the form below or call today to start the process! Feel free to ask us anything at any time.

Get an offer in 24 hours! And close fast! Learn more about our process here →

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We want to help Dallas residents get away from a burdensome home. Our offers are always honest and fair. 

If you would rather discuss your property directly, give us a call now! (832) 990-9707

US Direct Home Buyers would like to make a direct, all cash offer on your Dallas home. Find out now how we can help you! There is never any hassle, risk or obligation! Get in touch with us today! 

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Do you feel like you’re on a roller coaster? Call US Direct Home Buyers and let us restore balance to your life. We Buy Houses Dallas. (832) 990-9707 (Photo Credit)

Where We Buy Houses –  ZIP Codes in Dallas:

Dallas County:

75001 | 75006 | 75007 | 75019 | 75038 | 75039 | 75040 | 75041 | 75042 | 75043 | 75044 | 75048 | 75050 | 75051 | 75052 | 75054 | 75060 | 75061 | 75062 | 75063 | 75067 | 75080 | 75081 | 75082 | 75088 | 75089 | 75098 | 75104 | 75115 | 75116 | 75125 | 75134 | 75137 | 75141 | 75146 | 75149 | 75150 | 75154 | 75159 | 75172 | 75180 | 75181 | 75182 | 75201 | 75202 | 75203 | 75204 | 75205 | 75206 | 75207 | 75208 | 75209 | 75210 | 75211 | 75212 | 75214 | 75215 | 75216 | 75217 | 75218 | 75219 | 75220 | 75223 | 75224 | 75225 | 75226 | 75227 | 75228 | 75229 | 75230 | 75231 | 75232 | 75233 | 75234 | 75235 | 75236 | 75237 | 75238 | 75240 | 75241 | 75242 | 75243 | 75244 | 75246 | 75247 | 75248 | 75249 | 75251 | 75252 | 75253 | 75254 | 75260 | 75270 | 75287 | 75342 | 75398 | 76051 | 76065

Collin County:

75002 | 75009 | 75013 | 75023 | 75024 | 75025 | 75033 | 75034 | 75035 | 75036 | 75044 | 75048 | 75069 | 75070 | 75071 | 75072 | 75074 | 75075 | 75078 | 75080 | 75082 | 75087 | 75093 | 75094 | 75098 | 75166 | 75173 | 75189 | 75248 | 75252 | 75287 | 75407 | 75409 | 75424 | 75442 | 75452 | 75454 | 75495

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