What Listing Your House in Lake Charles Will Mean for You

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Thinking about listing your house in Lake Charles? Listing your house and selling it can be an exciting journey, but there are certain steps you’ll want to take for successful completion. Tap into our expert knowledge of the traditional real estate market and learn how listing your property can help get you closer to achieving those important next-level goals!

Real Estate Agents

Selling a home is no small feat – and one that comes with plenty of costs. From commissions to transaction fees, being aware of the financial considerations associated with listing your house in Lake Charles can help ensure you get maximum returns on investment. If DIYing it appeals more, remember there will be other expenses too! But don’t let nostalgia-induced rose-tinted glasses affect pricing decisions — consider similar properties for sale and recently sold within your area to gauge an accurate market value before setting the price tag.


If you list your house in Lake Charles, you could get a great deal of attention, but be aware that this spotlight may also bring to light any existing issues with the property. When an agent is involved, there’s typically an inspection – and if something appears wrong about the structure or condition of the home then you could find yourself needing costly repairs before completing sale! To avoid expensive changes down the line based on age, decor and general upkeep; use a real estate specialist who knows how best to represent all aspects of your unique property.


Showings in Lake Charles come with the territory of listing your home, so it’s important to stay one step ahead! To ensure that viewings run smoothly you’ll want keep a tidy house and be sure not let daily life interfere- such as unwelcome middle-of-dinner phone calls or running into buyers. You also don’t need worry about an argument over which furniture stays & what leaves -all taken care of before even having prospective customers come through. All this effort pays off when selling your house for top dollar in no time !


As a Lake Charles homeowner, you know how important it is to get the most out of your property and make sure buyers are paying attention. Developing a solid marketing plan with professional photos, 360 degree tours, staging costs – even utilizing drone footage for virtual tours – can really help drive home that ‘wow-factor’ when people look at your listing online or offline. You don’t have to go all-out if you’re on a budget; there’s plenty of ways to ensure yours will be one of the standouts in searches! And even after all this, there are even more reasons you may want to list your house.

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Real Estate Commissions

Are you wondering about real estate agent commissions? The typical breakdown is 5-6% of the home’s sale price – with 2.5-3% to each respective buyer and seller agents, depending on location and agreement. It’s worth noting that while buyers don’t have to pay commission directly when purchasing a property; sellers must foot the bill for both parties upon closing their (successful) sale!

Review Your Offers & Negotiate

You have a big decision ahead of you as you try to decide which buyer is the best fit for your listing. Consider their level of pre-approval, available funds and timeline requirements before making any commitments! Furthermore, consider allowing multiple buyers to compete in an effort to increase the selling price while still being mindful that incorrect decisions can lead not only to time wasted but also potential losses. Investigate each option thoroughly so this important choice will be well informed yet timely too!

Sell Directly

Selling your house directly to a professional house buyer can save you time, money and hassle. It’s an as-is sale so repairs or inspections aren’t required – meaning no costs incurred before closing! And did we mention there are typically zero commissions or transaction fees? Enjoy the process of selling without worrying about showings and marketing expenses in Lake Charles.

Selling directly to US Direct Home Buyers can save you time, money and stress! Let us take the hassle out of selling your home in Lake Charles, with our expert guidance every step of the way. We’ll give you a definite closing date too – so get in touch today and learn how we can help on (504) 500-5608.

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