Costs of Holding Onto An Inherited House in Abilene

Congratulations on inheriting a house! While this news may seem exciting, the truth is that inheriting a house also comes with expenses. Unfortunately, well-intentioned loved ones often leave their property in their will to beneficiaries who are already struggling to pay their monthly bills. Furthermore, the house may require significant financial investment upfront to ensure that it becomes a desirable property. Don’t worry, we can help you navigate this situation and turn this inherited house into an asset you can be proud of!

Maybe you have an inherited house that holds sentimental value, but you don’t plan on living in it. Unfortunately, sentimentality won’t cover the financial burden of owning a second property. Selling the house may be the best decision, but don’t postpone its care in the meantime. Start by finding and organizing the contact and payment information for any existing expenses. Take proactive steps now to manage your inheritance wisely.

Discover the typical monthly payments for an inherited house in Abilene, Texas. Get a comprehensive breakdown of all the costs associated with keeping the property. Start your planning off right with our helpful guide.


If you’ve inherited a house in Abilene, remember that property taxes are still on you, even if the mortgage is fully paid off. These taxes may not even be included in your monthly payments, but they will always be due annually. Brace yourself for a potential increase in taxes as the market value is reassessed. Be prepared, and don’t get caught off guard.


Unexpected costs can add up quickly when you inherit a house in Abilene, including mortgage and property insurance payments. Unsure of your financial responsibility? Seek assistance from a real estate or estate attorney to help you navigate through the complexities and make the right move. You don’t have to tackle this alone – enlist the help of a professional to ease the stress and make informed decisions.

Assumption of Mortgage

Inheriting a house in Abilene may allow you to take over the mortgage payments, but the original contract will determine if this is possible. If the previous owner had a reverse mortgage, you’ll need to pay off the loan in full to keep the property. To navigate these complex legal issues, consider hiring an estate attorney or consulting with one of our experts at Texas Direct Home Buyers. Our professionals can help you explore your options and make informed decisions about how to best manage the inherited property. Don’t let the process overwhelm you – reach out to us for guidance today.


If you’ve inherited a home in Abilene, you may be wondering about the utility bills. While you aren’t required to pay them as the deceased’s heir, it’s crucial to stay on top of payments if you plan on living in the house. Failing to pay can result in a lien on the property, cutting into profits later on. Alternatively, if you’re not living in the house, holding onto it might not be a smart financial move. At Texas Direct Home Buyers, our experts will closely examine your unique situation and provide a tailored recommendation that suits your needs. Don’t hesitate – give us a call today.


If you’re thinking about keeping your inherited property, it’s crucial to know all the facts. To avoid expensive surprises, it’s recommended to have it inspected by professionals. Depending on the duration of vacancy and the property’s state, it could cost you a fortune to maintain. Failing inspections or code violations can increase repair expenses, which can be even greater than mortgage payments. Avoid financial stress, and consider selling it as a viable option to save money in the long run.


Don’t let your inherited property become an eyesore. Vacant homes are easy to spot by their unkempt yards, which can make the property look neglected at best. If you’re in Abilene, Texas, you need to make sure your yard is well-maintained to keep up with HOA requirements or city codes. Don’t let yard work become a burden. If you’re looking to sell your inherited property to avoid the headache, call us today to explore your options!

Inheriting a house in Abilene can be a financial burden if you don’t have a plan for it. But there’s a solution: Texas Direct Home Buyers will give you a great price and close on your timeline. Plus, if you’re struggling with the emotional task of cleaning out your loved one’s possessions, we can take care of it for you. Leave everything in place or keep what you like – we’ll handle the rest. Contact us today at 832-990-9707 or send us a message.

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