Woman looking to sell her rundown property in abilene tx to us direct home buyers

5 Tips For Selling A Rundown Property In Abilene TX

Being trapped by an outdated, run-down house can be a heavy burden. If you’re in that situation and looking to sell your home fast without all the additional expenses of renovations or repairs, U.S Direct Home Buyers is here for you! Our team is experienced evaluating houses..

angry man looking at phone after call from direct home buyers

Unsolicited Phone Calls from Direct Home Buyers

Have you ever received a phone call from someone claiming to be “direct home buyers” who wants to buy your house? If you have, then you understand the frustration of getting constant calls from multiple companies giving the same explanation and they all seem to have the same name, Direct Home Buyers…


Hidden Costs Home Sellers Face In Beaumont TX

Many people think that they will simply call up a real estate agent in Beaumont TX, tell them a bit about their property, and poof, it will be listed and a buyer will be found. However, the process is rarely this easy. A lot goes into a successful MLS listing. A lot happens behind the scenes and many tasks are completed by both the seller and the real estate agent. With many traditional home sales…

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How To Sell Your House Without Any Property Showings In Erie PA

Dealing with property showings can be one of the most stressful aspects of selling your house with a real estate agent in Erie PA. Opening your door to every single stranger and letting them in your home can feel intrusive. Check out several tips that might help you sell your house without any property showings in Erie.

Great property buyer in AL

5 Signs Of A Great Property Buyer In Birmingham, AL

A great property buyer isn’t trying to get rich quickly. When you work with the right one, you will see that they are simply people who are passionate about real estate and helping people with unwanted properties. When you work with U.S. Direct Home Buyers, we will take the time to help you compare all … Continued

6 Hidden Benefits of Selling Your House To a Local Birmingham AL Home Buyer

6 Hidden Benefits of Selling Your House To a Local Birmingham AL Home Buyer

Are you planning to sell your house fast in Birmingham AL? Then this is the best time to consider a direct sale. Not only will direct selling save you a lot of time and effort, more importantly, it can also save you a lot of money. US Direct Home Buyers will help you make the selling process fast and easy. Plus, we offer a number of great benefits you won’t receive when listing with a realtor.