6 Facts About Selling Your House in Houma That An Agent Won’t Tell You


Ready to sell your home in Houma, LA? Don’t make the common mistake of solely relying on a real estate agent to guide you through the process. Discover the six essential facts about selling your house that agents won’t reveal. Save yourself from future regrets and be fully informed before you list your property.


When selling your house in Houma, it’s important to recognize that prime showing times often coincide with your dinner hour or weekend family time. While sharing meals together is precious, potential buyers will likely be walking through your home with their agent during these times. While it may be uneasy having strangers in your private space, it’s necessary for selling your home. To achieve a successful sale, you’ll need to maintain a picture-perfect home and plan your life around showings and open houses. This is a crucial aspect of selling your home that many agents won’t disclose.

Closing Delays

Get ready for some truth bombs: the home selling process is full of delays and hurdles, including inspections, appraisals, deadlines, and more. Brace yourself for closing delays that can last up to 60 days or even longer through traditional financing in the Houma real estate market. Don’t let agents fool you, this is a major factor they won’t disclose. But at least you can expect to see some serious cash at the end of all this!

Days on the Market

Don’t get stuck in limbo while selling your property! While real estate agents can give you the average time listings spend on the market, they can’t predict how long it will take for your particular property to sell. Without this vital information, your plans could fall through and you may even have to manage two properties at once. In Houma, it’s essential to have a realistic timeline for selling your house that agents often neglect to mention.


Don’t let contingencies ruin your home sale. These contract provisions are a common occurrence in real estate and must be met before the sales contract can be fulfilled. Without meeting them, your sale could easily fall through and the buyer or their lender could walk away from the deal. Keep in mind that contingencies can include everything from failed inspections to appraisal disagreements. Don’t let your agent keep this important information from you – learning the hard way can be a buyer’s worst nightmare. Make sure you’re fully aware of all the contingencies and have all your required forms filled out ahead of time to avoid any unwanted surprises during the sales process in Houma.


Think your home is in perfect condition? Think again. Property inspections during the selling process can uncover costly issues that you never even knew existed. And if the lender or a contingency requires repairs, you’ll be responsible for them. Don’t let lack of funds derail your plans. This is just one of the secrets your agent won’t tell you when selling your home in Houma.

Slice of the Pie

Sell your home with ease by being prepared to pay for commissions, fees, and other necessary expenses. In addition to hiring a real estate agent who may suggest aesthetic changes, such as updating or renovating your home, you’ll also need to cover marketing and hiring a digital photographer (including a drone pilot) for your online presence. Don’t forget about staging and storing belongings to decrease clutter and closing costs. Get ready to budget for these expenses to ensure a smooth home-selling process. Maximize your home’s appeal to potential buyers with staging, but keep in mind that you’ll need to cover the costs and potentially store excess belongings until your home sells. Plus, there may be closing expenses that eat into your profits. Don’t let these hidden costs catch you off guard when selling your Houma home. Take a closer look and plan ahead to ensure that you get the return on investment you’re looking for.

Selling your house in Houma can be a frustrating experience, often involving agents who keep you in the dark and leave you with no guarantees. But there’s a better way. Meet Louisiana Direct Home Buyers, your hassle-free solution that saves you money, time, and offers you a guaranteed quick closing date. Ready to say goodbye to the downsides of selling? Contact us now at 504-500-5608, and let us show you the easier path.

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