4 Things To Do If You Can’t Afford Mortgage Payments in Columbia

Are you struggling with new financial challenges that you can’t manage? Instead of ignoring the issue, take action! Foreclosure can be a devastating process with long-lasting effects on your financial and emotional well-being. Don’t despair, there are ways to prevent foreclosure. In this article, we’ll reveal three essential steps you can take if you can no longer afford your mortgage payments in Columbia, Missouri.


Struggling to make your mortgage payments in Columbia? Consider renting out your property to cover the cost. While this may require you to relocate to a more affordable area, it’s a smart way to lessen your financial burden. Keep in mind that the new location may not be as desirable as your current home, but it’s a practical solution to keep your head above water. Don’t forget that you’ll still be responsible for repairs and maintenance, even after renting out your property. Be sure to factor in these costs when setting your rental fee. And, keep in mind that finding the right tenant may take some time, adding to your stress and expenses while living elsewhere. Renting out your property can be tricky, but with careful planning, it can also be profitable.

Restructure Your Budget

Consider hiring a financial advisor to tackle your finances and improve your budget. With their expertise, you can review your expenses comprehensively and identify areas where you can make adjustments. This can involve a complete restructuring of your budget that can cut down on unnecessary expenses and channel funds towards your mortgage payment. It takes effort and dedication, but it’s possible with the help of a professional.

Work With the Lender

If you’re struggling to keep up with mortgage payments in Columbia, Missouri, collaborating with your lender to refinance your loan is a smart solution. While it may require some persuasion on your part to show your commitment to financial responsibility, this step can help you manage new budget limits. Don’t hesitate to contact your lender if you need to adjust your monthly payments. By proactively reaching out, you can explore refinancing options that work best for your unique financial situation. Consider discussing a short sale with your lender as an alternative option. Be cautious, as a short sale may result in a deficiency judgment – meaning you may owe the difference between the sale price of your home and the remaining mortgage balance. Don’t worry, if your lender is unable to assist you, the government offers various assistance programs. Keep in mind, these programs have specific eligibility requirements.


Don’t let mortgage payments overwhelm you in Columbia. Although choosing a short sale is a popular option, there’s another route you can take – selling your property by yourself. Before deciding to sell with an agent or for sale by owner (FSBO), there are three crucial factors to consider when facing foreclosure. Firstly, selling takes time and there’s no way to guarantee a quick sale. Secondly, there’s no certainty that your property will actually sell on the market. And last but not least, there are expenses to cover when listing with an agent or as an FSBO – including the costs of necessary home repairs if your property is not brand new. Choose wisely and avoid overwhelming expenses. Don’t forget about inspections, appraisals, code violations, and any surprise expenses that may arise during the inspection process. Additionally, marketing costs need to be factored in. If you’ve decided to work with a real estate agent, prepare to pay hefty commissions and associated fees. Keep your lender in the loop with your chosen plan of action. Communication is crucial in any relationship, and the same holds true with selling your property. Staying in constant contact and keeping your potential buyer informed every step of the way is vital for a successful sale. They are looking for speedy results, which is why it’s worth considering a direct sale. This option is often done “as is” and can save you both time and money.

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