U.S. Direct Carrot 3 Lead-Per-Day Outline

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The training resources above will give thorough, easily understood, and user-friendly explanations of the principles that U.S. Direct Home Buyers applies across its system. This outline lists each point made in the series and makes it easy to discuss each item amongst your team.

1 – Getting Started – Introduction to SEO
2 – Keyword Research Essentials
3 – On-Page Optimization
4 – Off-Page SEO
5 – Dominating Page 1 with YouTube
6 – Instant Leads with Pay-Per-Click Marketing
7 – Crushing Your SEO Competition
8 – Tools and Services We Use
9 – Outsourcing Your 3-LPD Work

When we first went through the 3 LPD training we developed this outline for our staff. This helped, since the video units are typically short segments, and it’s easy to get lost without a good syllabus. And it’s yours, free!

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