Selling Your House in Shreveport When You Have Kids or Pets

Selling Your House in Shreveport When You Have Kids or Pets-woman on couch with her dog

Selling your house in Shreveport when you have kids or pets can seem intimidating, but luckily there are a few strategies that make it easier. Let’s explore how you and your family (even the four-legged ones!) can have an effortless transition to a new abode!

Deep Clean

Creating a great first impression to prospective buyers is key when putting your house on the market. To maximize its appeal, avoid overwhelming them with fragrances of air-fresheners and ensure that any pet odors are eliminated before viewings take place. Additionally, it’s wise to declutter living spaces by removing food bowls, toys or accessories so they can easily imagine themselves at home in Shreveport – especially if you have kids or pets! A thorough cleaning of your house will help complete this process.

Get your play areas in tip-top shape before showing the home – all toys need to be put away, and any worn outdoor furniture or rusted swing sets should go. And if you have four-legged friends running around the yard, make sure it is pristine so buyers can walk through without unwelcome surprises!


Even if your pet is usually a peaceful companion, their claws and teeth could prove dangerous to unsuspecting guests. To be safe when you’re selling your home in Shreveport with pets, become well acquainted with the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy: make sure it covers any potential harm caused by animals inhabiting the house! Be aware that some breeds may not even be covered – so check twice for assurance. Once you’ve done this preparation work, real estate professionals recommend one more step before showings commence: remove all furry friends from the premises!

Showing Schedule

Moving to a new home is an enriching and exciting experience, especially when you have children or pets in tow. To make the journey as smooth as possible for your whole family – two-legged & four-footed alike! – it’s essential that their routine isn’t disturbed too much during this time. Plan mini travel adventures around Shreveport such as visiting museums and parks; having pre-packed bags of toys, activity books plus special treats will help keep them entertained en route. Make sure snacks are readily available for everyone too so no one goes hungry mid trip! It’s also vital to communicate clearly with your real estate agent on what times work best for all involved and ensure they adhere accordingly…it’ll be worth it in the end!

Be aware that when you delay showings and are not flexible with other realtors, this can cause potential buyers to move on to another property, leading to a longer days on the market. Once other agents see that the house has been on the market longer, they assume the worst and your market presence will suffer.

Sell Directly to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers

If you need to sell your house fast and stress-free, Louisiana Direct Home Buyers in Shreveport is the perfect choice for families with pets or kids. Forget about long closing times – a transaction will take less than 30 days! Contracts are simple as-is purchase agreements that eliminate any worry regarding insurance policies and allergies from furry friends. No cleaning necessary either; just sit back while your children’s lives remain uninterrupted by real estate agents! With this company, sellers can expect quick results without hassle every time.

sell your house in shreveport with pets - collection of pets in front of couch

Selling Direct Can Benefit Your Pet’s Health

When it comes to home showings, chances are you’d much rather stay at home relaxing with your beloved pets than be forced out for strangers’ visits. Unfortunately, many furry friends don’t take kindly to sudden changes in their routine or space which can lead to illness and territorial aggression. To make matters worse, certain species like reptiles require specific climate control that isn’t always ideal when staging a house – not something one typically wants potential buyers seeing! Fortunately Louisiana Direct Home Buyers has made the whole process pet friendly; now everyone wins no matter how scaly or feathery they may be! There’s no need to stage or show your home or even change your routine to sell your home to Louisiana Direct.

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