6 Hidden Benefits of Selling Your House To a Local Birmingham AL Home Buyer

6 Hidden Benefits of Selling Your House To a Local Birmingham AL Home Buyer

Are you planning to sell your house fast in Birmingham AL? Then this is the best time to consider a direct sale. Not only will direct selling save you a lot of time and effort, more importantly, it can also save you a lot of money. US Direct Home Buyers will help you make the selling process fast and easy. Plus, we offer a number of great benefits you won’t receive when listing with a realtor.

5 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In Montgomery AL

The process of foreclosure is different for each state. In Alabama lenders can choose either the Judicial or Nonjudicial process. Most choose the latter. In either case, our hope is that we can help you avoid foreclosure altogether. Never waste time if you’re facing foreclosure. Spend some quality time reading all the letters and emails … Continued

owning a house you dont want

5 Misconceptions About Owning a House You Don’t Want in New Orleans

Many individuals keep an undesirable property too long, not understanding what it is really costing them. Between the financial aspect, the frustrations, and the lost opportunity costs, owning the wrong home is likely setting you back in ways you haven’t even thought about. Here are the 5 common myths people have about owning the wrong … Continued

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5 Tips For Selling Your Mobile Home In Houston

While the demand for affordable housing is higher than ever, many people will fail to consider a mobile home as a housing option. Mobile homes can get a bad rap when in reality, they can be a great option for those who want to spend less on where they live and more on actually living! When…

US Direct Home Buyers Testimonial Thumbnail-Joe-avoiding foreclosure

Testimonial – Avoiding Foreclosure

…the phone kept ringing and it was people calling that I really didn’t want to talk to. I was behind on my mortgage, a lot. I was facing foreclosure. So, in that situation, I called Richard and Becky, and they really helped me get through the whole process…