The New Way To Sell Your Home

New Way To Sell Your Home

Are you planning on selling your house? Before you commit to an agent or try to sell it on your own, learn about the new way to sell your home!

For many, selling a house will likely involve the MLS and the help of a local agent. Before taking this route, look over the numbers to ensure it makes sense for you. There are many different options for selling your home, and each one will have a different financial and mental impact on you!

So What Is This “New Way?”

When you sell to a direct buyer instead of listing, you’ll not only save money on marketing, listing, repairs, and closing costs, but you won’t have to wait to receive your money! Imagine being able to sell your house without the stress and hassle of a traditional listing!

There Are MANY Benefits to A Direct Sale
Here Are Just A Few

No Commissions – Because you’re selling to a direct buyer and not through an agent, you will be able to keep any money that would have gone towards the 6% commission from the final sale price.

No Marketing Costs – You won’t have to pay any photography or advertising fees to market your house online or in print.

No Staging Costs – People often use professional home stagers to help showcase their property. For only a few rooms, the fees can add up quickly.

No Time or Money Spent Cleaning – A huge aspect of listing your house is keeping it clean. Your house needs to be kept spotless for any short-notice guests. Clutter and personal belongings are off-putting to people viewing your home. It can be stressful for some sellers to keep everything put away and to be prepared to leave at any second. No cleaning is required when you sell to us. Simply take what you want to keep and let us handle the rest!

No Repairs Required – You will never spend money on repairs or upgrades when you sell directly to US Direct Home Buyers. Listing often requires you to fix up the home both before and after the completed inspection. We will buy your house as-is, repairs and all.

No Landscaping – The outside of a home needs maintenance just as much as the inside. Curb appeal is incredibly important when selling your home. The lawn should be mowed, weeds pulled, and clutter moved out of the yard. Spend time doing this yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

End Maintenance Costs Immediately – Owning a property inevitably costs you in monthly maintenance. Expenses that seem small can add up fast. End these costs now instead of later and save money.

No More Monthly Costs – The cost of monthly utilities, homeowners insurance, and property taxes add up quickly. You will have to continue paying these for an indefinite amount of time when you list through an agent. Even if you do not reside in the home, water and electricity must be kept on for people who view the home.

Get Paid Right Away – When selling to a direct buyer such as US Direct Home Buyers, you know exactly what you are getting and when. There are no lenders or red-tape. We are able to pay you in days – not weeks or months. By selling directly, you will not have to live in limbo and can move on with your life quickly and easily.

Peace of Mind – When selling traditionally, you will question how much you will be offered and when. If you accept an offer, it can still fall through at the last minute, especially if your buyer is using traditional bank financing. When you sell to us, we have the funds available to pay you right away! You don’t have to worry about waiting or the sale falling through!

The benefits of selling directly are numerous! For many people, it is the simple, stress-free way of selling they have been looking for! We encourage you to run the numbers to find out if it makes sense for you!

Before listing, learn more about the new way to sell your home! We can help! Send us a message or give us a call today! (832) 662-2202


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