How To Handle Delinquent Property Taxes

Delinquent Property TaxesAre you dealing with delinquent property taxes? If so, you might be nervous about losing your home or coming up with the cash to pay your debt. The good news is that you have solutions available to you! Learn more about how to handle your difficult property tax problems in our latest post!

Handling delinquent taxes can be a nightmare. A small debt can quickly snowball into fees, penalties, and interest. Property taxes pay for the infrastructure of our city and beyond, so falling behind will have major repercussions. You may even lose your house to foreclosure!

What Can Happen

When your taxes go unpaid for too long, the county issues a lien against your property until the funds are repaid. The city eventually auctions off the lien and you will be forced to pay the taxes or worry about the lien holder foreclosing on you. It takes a while to reach this point, but it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep from losing your house.

What You Can Do

When dealing with delinquent property taxes, you have a few options. The first and most obvious choice is to pay them back. You can choose to get a loan to pay off the taxes, but then you are only replacing one debt with another. However, if you are on the verge of losing your home, it can help. Even if you can only make payments toward your debt, the county is likely to work with you before selling your debt to the highest bidder.

Your next option is to try to negotiate the amount that the property assessor valued your home at. Ensure that all of the property data is correct and observe what was assessed compared to what other properties in the area sold for. If something seems off, bring it up with the appraiser and see what can be done to get your taxes lowered. This may be a challenge, so collect all applicable data so you can be prepared and informed before calling the appraisers office.

Your third option is to work with a buyer who is willing to help you tackle the liens and back taxes you are facing. No matter how desperate your situation might seem, make sure you are still receiving a fair price when working with a private buyer. You should always be treated fairly and receive an honest price.

How US Direct Home Buyers Can Help

US Direct Home Buyers is a team of professional home buyers who can help you by purchasing your home directly. We will take care of the back taxes, liens, and anything else that is stopping you from selling the house in the traditional manner. You don’t have to feel stuck, burdened, or exhausted by the amount of debt you are facing. We have worked with people all over who were dealing with property tax problems. Let us help you by using our knowledge and expertise to get you out of this situation fast!

Do you have delinquent property taxes on your house? We are here to help you with solutions! Send us a message or give us a call today! (832) 662-2202


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